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  • Wellon SmartPRO X8-PLUS Universal Programmer Update Free Life-time

    Item No.:GW-06000018

    Wellon programmer smartPRO X8-PLUS Universal Programmer present high-performance on NAND flash and COPLD/FPGA programming, is the most cost effective solution in device programming challenges.

    Product Description

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS Universal Programmer


    Life-time Update for Free


    SmartPRO X8-PLUS Functions and features:


    SmartPRO X8-PLUS supports M0 and M3 chips built by mainstream manufacturers, such as NXP, STM, Freescale, NUVOTON, FUJITSU and ATMEL. Besides, most M0, M3 chips are burned through parallel interfaces in X8 programmer, taking about less than half the time than that through serial connectors.


    SmartPRO X8-PLUS supports storages with common protocol standards. External memory chips are usually needed when using M0 and M3 chips. Most of these external memory chips are using SPI, IIC, NOR protocols, etc. These low capacity storages have full support in X8 programmer.

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS Parameter Specifications:

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS


    SmartPRO X8-PLUS Software is user friendly, and free life-time software updates are available!


    Package including:

    1pc x SmartPRO X8-PLUS Programmer

    1pc x USB Cable

    1pc x CD

    1pc x User’s Manual

    1pc x ICP Downloading cable

    1pc x AC/DC Adapter


    Additional Information


    1.3KG ( 2.87LB )


    40cm*27cm*10cm ( Inch: 15.75*10.63*3.94 )


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