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Home Car Diagnostic tools MINI DSG Reader DQ200+DQ250 For VW/AUDI 2014 For K+CAN No Need Activation
  • MINI DSG Reader DQ200+DQ250 For VW/AUDI 2014 For K+CAN No Need Activation

    Item No.:GW-01000099

    MINI DSG Reader DQ200+DQ250 For VW/AUDI 2014 For K+CAN:
    1 Can solve your audi /vw gearbox fault code problem
    2 Read and write VW / AUDI latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox data
    3 Only used for AUDI and VW new cars after 2000.

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    Product Description

    MINI DSG reader(DQ200+DQ250) for VW/AUDI

    Buy it for one reason:

    Sole tool for DSG problem
    2014 MINI DSG reader is used for AUDI and VW new car.

    Version :2014.06
    Supported Language:English Only
    It is used for AUDI and VW new cars
    Operating System Requirement:WIN XP System
    Update:Cannot be updated
    Support Protocol:K-line And Canbus

    1 This software only can be installed on XP system ,with no anti-virus software in.
    2 This tool need activate.Please send your ID to us.

    MINI DSG reader(DQ200+DQ250) Connection:

    Usually the tool for reading/writing new VW/AUDI gearbox data is few and very expensive, now the low cost tool is coming. You don’t need remove ecu from car, only connect some plug to the DSG ECU and then you can read/write and save dump to bin flie.

    The cable



    For DQ200



    For DQ250




    Add more car list in 5th.June.2014

    AUDI Q7 BOSCH GS19 11  1MB
    AUDI S4 BOSCH GS19 04 1MB
    Daewoo Lacetti  Denso v2
    Lotus Europa S  Delco GMPT
    Opel Astra G  Motorola GMPT E15
    Opel Astra J  Delco 5[v1]
    Opel Astra J  Delco 5[v2]
    Opel Astra J  Delco 5[v4]
    Opel Insignia  Delco 5[V2]
    Opel Insignia  Delco 5[V3]
    Opel Speadster Motorola GMPT E15
    Opel Zafira B  Delco TP
    Vauxhall Astra G  Motorola GMPT E15
    Vauxhall Astra J Denso v1
    Vauxhall Insignia Denso
    Vauxhall Zafira Motorola GMPT E15

    Package including:

    1pc x 2014 MINI DSG reader


    Customer share:

    Q:Can it do both K and CAN BUS?
    A:Yes,it can do.

    Q:Cannot open your file,said”license expired”,what can I do?
    A:It need activate,sir,pls send your ID to us

    Q:Dear sir,when I test my Passat 2010 model dsg7,get error :


    A:It means it cannot do your car.

    Q:After activate,it shows ““license file error”,I am follow your video,where is wrong?
    A:Dear sir,please download our 2014.06 software and activate again or you can find us on skype,we will help you install.


    Additional Information

    Weight 0.5 kg
    Dimensions 21 x 13.5 x 6 cm


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