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What is car immobilizer?

Posted On July 18, 2016 at 9:14 am by / No Comments

The immobilizer is a set of parts that is charged with not run the engine of the car in case of theft. The system of coded key or transponder consists of the following parts:

1- Key On: The key inside has a chip, which has a recorded unique code. This chip does not use battery power and receives as it approaches the plate on through the receiving antenna.

2- Receiving antenna: This antenna is located in the trim of the ignition switch and is connected to the immobilizer module, the antenna is circular and must be very close to the key in order to connect with her.

Self locking
3- immobilizer module: is responsible for comparing the codes of the key with engraved in his memory, also to communicate with the computer and allow the engine ignition and injection if the codes are the same.

4- Computer engine: is responsible for the fuel injection and ignition of the engine, without the authorization of the immobilizer computer, the computer will not inject gasoline engine and the vehicle is locked.

How does the system work

Approaching the ignition key to the plate, the chip key starts transmitting the secret code is detected by the antenna, the antenna transmits the code to the immobilizer module, where it is compared with the one stored in memory and if it matches, the game engine is authorized.

Things to keep in mind with this system

We must protect the car keys with immobilizer, as are expensive to copy or recover if lost, usually the dealer to do it is necessary.

There are many differences immobilizer systems operating, but if the vehicle is immobilized, work about two seconds and turn off the panel showing a light that flashes indicating this situation, this warning light usually has the shape of a key.

Should not have two different keys with chip vehicles together on the same key as the antenna could capture the wrong code and the engine block.

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