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Autodata V3.45

Posted On March 22, 2016 at 8:21 am by / No Comments

Now we will show the latest version of Autodata, this is Autodata 2015 version 3.45 for automotive diagnosing and repairing software without free download software.



In here we will give you about this autodata 2015 version 3.45 global description and we so sorry can not give you link to take free download Autodata 2015 Version 3.45 for Automotive Diagnosing Repairing Software from external server because of copy righting.



Autodata V3.45 add new vehicles. There are 260 completely new models included on this update, covering a combined total of over 4000 data sections between them.

Autodata 3.45 workshop service manual, electrical wiring diagram, maintenance, flat rates for all models cars. The newest version 3.45 , also the last offline version. In the program the information on diagnostics and repair of control systems by the engine and injection (blocks of management) is presented.

Autodata the popular program for car-care centers contains the information on systems of injection of petrol and some diesel engines (PINDATA), as parameters for adjustment of disorder-convergence, installations of belts and circuits, repair of conditioners, pillows of safety, ABS and other systems of cars of the European manufacture.

In program Autodata there are wiring diagrams and schemes of an arrangement of units, also contains the information on flat rates.

We think enough global information about Autodata 2015 Version 3.45 for Automotive Diagnosing Repairing Software, and we so sorry can not give you link to take free download this software, and if any other information about this software version we will post in our website soon.

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